From Fryer to Tyre - British Chippie To Power Itself With Its Own Waste Oil


Biofuel is a hot topic on TreeHugger and TreeHuggerTV, and the good news is that it’s not only happening stateside. We’ve had reports from, amongst others, Brazil, Australia, France, and today we have news from the UK about a great project being started by a chain of upmarket Fish and Chip bars. Sea Cow is owned by brothers Dan and Paul Rigby, they have opened three restaurants in London so far, but this summer they want to get out of town and on the road. In a similar vein to the McDonalds owner who powers his car with his own chip fat, the brothers Rigby have decided to make good use of all their waste oil from frying fishing and chips, by taking a van around this summer’s music festivals. 'They have invested in a Bioking Biodiesel processor which will produce enough 100% renewable, near-zero-emission fuel to run their existing company vehicles, and their new Sea Cow Van.' Apparently the three Sea Cow bars ‘produce so much surplus oil that Dan and Paul are planning to set up a separate company to sell on excess fuel to other likeminded local businesses hoping to do their bit to reduce their environmental impact.’ Freshly fried fish will be served this summer from the biofuel powered Sea Cow van at The Bestival on the Isle of Wight, Fruit Stock in Regents Park and The Summer Weekender at Demontfort Hall. via:Pinkfish