From Arid, Salty Desert to Permaculture Garden: Greening the Desert Revisited (Video)

greening the desert permaculture photo

Image credit: Permaculture Science

Many people were inspired by Geoff Lawton's original permaculture mini-movie on greening the desert in Jordan--an effort that turned 10 acres of arid, salty Jordanian desert into a lush productive garden. But how has it stood the test of time? As I noted in my post on volunteerism as the cheap oil of permaculture, many demonstration projects seem to be heavily reliant on free labor and free money. Sadly, it seems both have been in short supply for the Jordan project. So the result should be unmitigated disaster, right? Not so fast. If the video below the fold is correct, Mother Nature has stepped in to fill the vacuum. According to the update below, the Greening the Desert site has received no serious funding or management for 6 years, and yet a number of the plants seem to be thriving. Better yet, soil seems to be replenishing itself through the system of swales—a form of rain harvesting trench—that the original team put in. Impressive stuff.

Now if they could only get some funding...

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