From Anti-Runway Campaign To Community Sustainability (Video)

grow heathrow campaign photo

Image credit: Transition Culture

It's so much easier to be against something than for something. In fact, I'd argue that is one of the central strategic challenges facing sustainability activists. How do we convert opposition against something—say, nasty oil spills for example—into advocacy for the alternatives—like energy independence? Those of us who have been pondering this question would do well to keep an eye on Heathrow in the UK. Having successfully defeated the proposed third runway, villagers and professional protesters are now setting their sites on community sustainability in a big way. News comes via the ever excellent Transition Culture that Heathrow protesters are now exploring local food projects and community resilience. And while some in the media would like to paint the protest movement as nothing more than outside agitators, the video below tells a different story.

It seems that villagers and full-time activists alike are using their opposition to airport expansion to explore more sustainable, localized alternatives. Under the name of Grow Heathrow, the coalition is busy clearing up and renovating a derelict market garden site, complete with greenhouses, into a hub for local food and community sustainability. This is just one part of a broader plan to create Transition Heathrow—part of the global Transition movement tackling climate change and peak oil on a community level.

Now how do we do the same with the anti-BP sentiment that is out there?

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