Freight Farms Grows Organic, Local Produce in Recycled Shipping Containers

When it comes to fresh, local produce, availability is one of the most burdensome issues. Finding access to the best in local eats becomes even more difficult when it’s cold outside, especially in the northern parts of the country. But Freight Farms has an idea that could utilize an abundance of space in unused recycled shipping containers.

Freight Farms, located in Boston, MA is expanding the availability of fresh produce by equipping recycled shipping containers with the tools to grow fruits and vegetables in an urban environment.

The Freight Farms inventors are enlisting the help of Kickstarter to get their idea off the ground. They’re looking for donations to pay for their recycled shipping containers and interior growing systems. The growing systems are equipped with LED grow lights to efficiently grow herbs and lettuce.

It's an invention that could successfully expand local offerings across the country. It's a great idea that just needs a Kickstarter.

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