French Rabbit: Savor the Wine, Save the Planet


French Rabbit has taken the drink container to a new level with their innovative wine packaging. Instead of using the traditional glass bottles, they've developed their own version of a drink box to sell their wine in, and the results are pretty interesting. The box weighs just about four percent of an ordinary glass wine bottle, meaning it would take 25 trucks filled with bottles to equal one truck filled with empty Rabbits. The package itself is made from polyethelene, aluminum foil and paperboard, so it's 100% recyclable, and its collapsible, which reduces waste volume by about 90 percent. The twist-on cap makes using cork a thing of the past. While it may seem strange to drink wine from what amounts to an oversized juice box, reviews have been positive; Mark over at 3rBlogging recently had some and gave it a rave review. The wine comes from the Boisset Winery in France, where the grapes are grown using "sustainable farming," and is available in Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet and Pinor Noir. ::French Rabbit via ::3r Blogging

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