Freezer Compost Bin Keeps Flies at Bay

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Image credit: Fuccillo Design

From DIY compost tumblers to vermiculture, I am a big fan of anything and everything compost-related. Except fruit flies. And while freezing your kitchen scraps until you have time to take them out, as some people do, has always kind of made sense to me, I must admit I find it easier to just empty the caddy daily than to deal with frozen-on bits of potato skin. One design company claims to have solved this little conundrum—offering a convenient, fly-free system for storing your scraps in the kitchen for as long as you want. Created by Fucillo Design, the freezer compost bin is designed from flexible silicone that can be stored in the fridge indefinitely, and simply popped inside out to empty its contents once you are ready to deposit your scraps in your heap. It's certainly an attractive looking thing—modern, sleek, and available in some pretty colors.

The crunchier compost-fanatic in me is tempted to deem the thing unnecessary—after all, how much hassle is it to empty your kitchen caddy daily—but then we need more than the crunchy compost fanatics to start composting. And the Fucillo team claims that a little design can go a long way in overcoming barriers to composting:

"The bin was developed based on research and interviews with governmental composting officers in Halifax, NS (a city that's been collecting organic waste since the 90's). From this research we discovered the two largest barriers preventing people from
composting were odor and fruit flies. These officers recommend citizens keep their organic scraps in their freezers to overcome these barriers."

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