Free NYC Yoga Event Kicks Off Summer


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Big Apple Hatha yogins (or aspiring) with no plans for the evening of June 22 may want to scope out what's calling itself "the world's largest yoga event." Hosted by Flavorpill in partnership with JetBlue in Central Park, NYC, the gathering expects to garner 10,000 yoga fans and fledgling practitioners--with all skill levels welcome.Before and after yoga instructor Elena Brower's massive yoga class performers like Reggie Watts, Buddy Wakefield, DALIEN, and Wah will take the stage to keep the crowds happy with live music, drumming, stand-up comedy and spoken word.

Though not thrilled that JetBlue will provide the yoga mats (that's a whole lot of yoga mats that I'm not yet certain are sustainably sourced or non-toxic)--I'm hoping the cultural event's message outweighs the swag. I haven't heard of any other events mobilizing the NYC yoga community in such a large scale way.

Though my personal teaching and yoga studio philosophy is all about small instructor-student ratios, I can't diminish the spirit of Yoga at The Great Lawn, which is refreshingly welcoming to "all backgrounds, sizes, and skill levels."

IMO, the more naturally healthy, happy, sincere practitioners there are in this world, the better!

(My Brooklyn-based yoga studio was invited as a partner so I'll be there outfitted by eco-friendly sponsor Alternative Apparel assisting newbie students.)

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