Free Family Dinner Date cookbook helps put a family meal on the table in less than an hour

Kids Cook Monday Family Dinner Date cookbook
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Need help putting together a home-cooked family dinner once a week? This e-cookbook offers simple and tasty recipes for kids and parents to make together.

A recent study suggested that having healthy home-cooked family meals is a privilege for the elite, and that it's just not possible with many people's time or budget. However, for many of us who eat almost exclusively at home, it just makes sense, in terms of both cost and health, to do so, and according to Kids Cook Monday, it also helps to reinforce and support healthier life choices in kids and parents alike.

To help make it easier to start having home-cooked family dinners at least once a week, a new free e-cookbook promises to help parents overcome the challenge of getting a healthy meal on the table for dinner during the week, when families are often busiest.

The Family Dinner Date cookbook offers 12 simple recipes that can be put on the table in less than an hour, and each one has step-by-step directions in a format that lays out which steps are safe for kids to complete, which steps require an adult, and which ones can be done by a child and adult working together. In addition to the recipes, each dish is paired with a "Food for Thought" message that is meant to promote and enable relevant conversations while cooking and eating as a family.

"Providing parents with simple, healthy recipes is an essential part of encouraging home cooking. I also love how each of these recipes requires only about 30 minutes of active cooking time and calls for a short list of readily available ingredients." - Diana Rice, Kids Cook Monday's registered dietitian and recipe editor

Find out more about Kids Cook Monday, and download the free Family Dinner Date e-cookbook, at the organization's website.

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