Forget the Oscars, The Toxies Are Much More Exciting


I am so embarrassed that we missed our walk down the red carpet for the Toxies on Wednesday night at Hollywood's Egyptian Theater. Established by Californians for a Healthy and Green Economy (Change), it recognizes those chemicals that have so affected our lives.

GreenBiz lists some of the winners, starting with a Star on TreeHugger:

Worst Breakthrough Performance and Viewer's Choice Award for Worst Chemical of 2009: Bisphenol A (BPA), an estrogen impersonator found in polycarbonate plastics used in baby bottles, reusable food and water containers and canned food liners. Linked to breast cancer, prostate cancer and infertility.


Of course TreeHugger is the IMDB of BPA, having covered its performances a few times:
Yet Another Bisphenol A Pile-on: Linked to Heart Disease, Diabetes and Liver Problems
BPA Danger may be greater from Tin Cans than Water Bottles
Bisphenol A Is In Your Tomato Sauce
Is There Bisphenol A In Your Home Canning?
Lifetime Achievement in Harm: Lead, used in everything from paint and lunchboxes to candy and children's toys, can interfere with children's intellectual and behavioral development.

Another TreeHugger Star that should have remained an extra:

Worst Viral Media Performance: Triclosan, a pesticide used in hand sanitizer, antiperspirants, household cleaners, and toothpaste that can produce other toxic compounds.

Our reviews have been harsh about this bad actor's performances:
Canadian Medical Association Calls for Ban on Triclosan
There's A Frog Disruptor In My Soap
Why Is There Still an Endocrine Disruptor In My Toothpaste?
Antibacterial Cleaners Do More Harm Than Good

We have been all fired up about this hot number recently:

Worst Local Performance: Flame retardants, the family of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers (PBDE) used to slow flames is used in a variety of products, such as bedding and furniture, but can accumulate inside people, pets and the environment.

Some of the flame bait in TreeHugger:
DDT Redux: PBDEs In Peregrine Falcons Close To Levels Damaging Developing Lab Rats & Mice
Women With High PBDE Levels 50 Percent Slower to Conceive, New Study Says
Petroleum Furnishings Give Kitties and Kiddos Higher PBDE Exposures
Did the State of California Kill This Woman's Cat?
Blood Levels Of Flame Retardants Correlate With House Dust Exposure
PDBEs: Where Do They Come From And What Are They Doing To Us?

Also with the best gender-bender cross-dressing performance since Divine in Pink Flamingos:

Worst Makeup: Phthalates, a family of chemicals used to make plastics more flexible, but also present in fragrances, lotions, shampoos and cleaning products.

We put on our best frocks before we put these stories on the runway:
Vinyl Flooring and Phthalates Linked to Autism in New Study
Do Babies Exposed to Phthalates Have Smaller Penises?
Are Boys Disappearing Because of Gender Bender Chemicals?
Exxon Blocking Toy Safety Bill That Would Ban Phthalates in Toys

Read the whole list in Greenbiz

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