Forget Abundance. Embrace Scarcity.

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When I wrote about masturbation as an economic act (it really wasn't as smutty as it sounds!), I warned against a scarcity mentality—arguing instead that we must embrace abundance, and learn to think beyond money to see the real wealth that is all around us. From living simply as an alternative American Dream to the joys of plenitude economics, my point was simply that we are blessed with countless resources and opportunities that have nothing to do with the cash economy. Leo Babauta has a slightly different take on a similar worldview over at Zenhabits, arguing that far from rejecting the scarcity mentality, we should instead learn to embrace scarcity as our friend. From reducing clutter to eating less food to restricting your choices, Babauta argues that less really is more:

I find limiting my choices to be an opportunity to let go of the worries about making the wrong choices, and to focus on enjoying the choices I do make. As I've explored scarcity, I've been left with this one truth: every path I take is perfect.

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