Foreign Species Cause European Allergies


The annual congress of the European Academy for Dermatology and Venereology is taking place in Vienna at the moment, which wouldn't ordinarily be worthy of mention on TreeHugger, except for the claims of some participants.Some have claimed that climate change has started to affect the number of allergies that Europeans are suffering from. Changes in weather are allowing new species to move into the continent, and are proving to be a nuisance for people who are allergic to certain types of plant. Other types of insect are also migrating and spreading which is causing further problems. In the most severe cases, heavy asthma attacks or allergic reactions to insect bites can be fatal. Children are affected to a larger degree than adults, but the number of allergies is on the rise in all age groups. Currently in Europe, one in three children have at least one allergy, and an additional 30-50% will develop asthma later on in life. ::DeSmogBlog

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