Fordhall Community Land Initiative Needs Your Help


"There can be no doubt that the greatest loss of wildlife in the past 50 years has been due to intensive farming. Techniques pioneered at Fordhall Farm show that there's another way. Sustainable and productive farming can coexist with wildlife." John Hughes, of the Shropshire Wildlife Trust in the UK makes such a statement in support of the Fordhall Community Land Initiative. This project, led by Charlotte Hollins, age 23 (Project Leader), Sophie Hopkins, age 24 (Project Manager), and Ben Hollins, age 21 (Farm Manager), aims to secure community ownership of Fordhall Farm by selling £50 ($87 USD) non-profit making shares to the general public. It's a daunting task, as they have "until July 1st 2006 to raise the £800,000 (S1,390,000 USD) required to purchase the land and save it from development." Charlotte and Ben are the children of Arthur Hollins, who for over 65 years saw to it the farm retained organically managed, chemical-free soils and pastures. Thus making it one of the oldest such farms in the UK. Read about the ambitious plan to save this historic organic property, with it's free range, grass feed livestock, on their ::website and ::blog. (Via Tipster David C.)