Foodies vs. food crusaders

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Granola. Whole foods. Organic. Locavore. Co-op. CSA. Foodie. Vegan. Farm share. Free range. GMO-free.

There are many terms that can be used as endorsements by supporters of the sustainable foods movement and terms of derision by those who don't 'get it' or stand in outright opposition. Over at Grist, Tom Laskawy has a great opinion piece on why foodies shouldn't be confused with food crusaders:

"There’s no question that the food movement (which isn’t simply made up of “foodies”) encompasses many fads. But Freedman and other critics tend to conflate [Michael] Pollan and [Mark] Bittman the recipe writers with Pollan and Bittman the policy crusaders. Just because they offer cooking suggestions does not mean that the core idea they write about is just a passing bubble."

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Foodies vs. food crusaders
Tom Laskawy warns we shouldn't confuse the two.