Food Justice, Security and Sovereignty Through Urban Farming (Video)

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Image credit: East Bay Films

From Carrot City's Urban Agriculture Exhibition to backyard slaughter in West Oakland, TreeHugger is no stranger to the idea that growing more food where people live—in the city—can be of great benefit both to the environment, and to our communities. Now a new documentary sets out to explore the concepts of food justice, security, and sovereignty through the lens of the urban agricultural movement in the San Francisco Bay Area. Welcome to Edible City. Created by East Bay Pictures, Edible City the Movie appears to be a holistic, big-picture type of movie. From the observation that we are seeing record harvests, record profits in the food industry, and record levels of poverty all at the same time, to the assertion that we have more people in prison than we do working the land, it's clear that this movie has its sights set higher than your average piece of organic advocacy.

The film visits backyard farmers, community gardens, and urban orchards. Drawing on the voices of activists like Eric Holg Gimenez of Food First, Van Jones of Green for All, and Alice Carruthers of Alemany Farm, Edible City looks like a must see for anyone who believes that community gardens are more than just a feel-good education or conservation project, but rather a viable, realistic and scalable response to food shortages, hunger and rising gas prices.

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