'Food Huggers' save your veggies and cut food waste

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If you've ever reached into the veggie bin for that pepper you just know you tossed in lately, and pulled out a slimy or furry thing no longer suitable to eat, then Food Huggers' clingy silicone covers are for you.

Yes, food waste is a big problem. Rotting veggies and past best-by dated products are routinely thrown away by millions of us every day.

Thus the Kickstarter project Food Huggers is either a great problem solver, or just another piece of plastic junk you'll never use.

Thus far, Kickstarter boosters of Food Huggers seem to be saying it's the former. Food Huggers, made from phthalate-free (and BPA-free) flexible silicone, grip the cut edges of fruit and vegetables in order to keep them fresh longer.

Food Huggers come in 4 sizes, and they work by having stretchy rims that mold themselves to the cut side of a vegetable or fruit, sealing them off from oxidation damage. Juices are also sealed in.

Thus far more than 4,500 people have supported Food Huggers campaign with over $150,000 of pledges, so the product's designers Michelle Ivankovic and Adrienne McNicholas have created 'stretch goals' so that they can make an additional size of Food Huggers to protect the strangely-shaped avocado.

With less than two days left in the campaign, now is you chance to pledge, too, if you think Food Huggers are something you will use. Reusable, Food Huggers allow households to cut down plastic baggie use. Wouldn't it be great if there was a lettuce-shaped Food Hugger?

'Food Huggers' save your veggies and cut food waste
Food waste is an endemic problem. So is an ingenious, grippy plastic product the key to cutting the waste, or just another drawer cluttering doo-dad?

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