Food and Wine Magazine's Guide to Green Eating

While The Onion's "Obligatory Green Issue" may have raised a chuckle, it's still great to see more and more mainstream coverage of green living and sustainability. The latest publication to grace the shelves with an eco offering is Food and Wine Magazine, with the August offering covering everything from delicious local food recipes from top chefs around the US to a strategy for supporting local, sustainable honey production in the face of Colony Collapse Disorder. While the editor's admission that she won't change her light bulbs because she "can't stand the quality of light" may not carry much weight with many TreeHuggers, the fact that the magazine outlines "ways to be green that don't involve any compromise at all" should help draw more people into the sustainability world (if the number of hybrid SUV ads are anything to go by, Food & Wine readers aren't into compromise ).
Much of the content is available online, including a roundup of sustainable spirits, and a comprehensive collection of sustainable sea food recipes, including Dungeness Crab Cioppino, Stuffed Whole Wild Salmon, and Grilled Striped Bass with Plums and Potato-Mushroom Papillotes. And of afore-mentioned local food recipes, I can personally attest that the pickled farm-stand tomatoes with jalapenos are out of this world.

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