Foie gras maker drops "humane" label after false-advertising lawsuit

foie gras goose
CC BY 2.0 Flickr

The largest producer of foie gras in the U.S., Hudson Valley Foie Gras, has agreed to remove the word "humane" from its advertising and website. The decision is the result of a lawsuit filed by the Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) and Ella Nemcova, founder of The Regal Vegan.

The ALDF argues that foie gras can never be humane or cruelty-free, because the very nature of the product requires ducks to be force fed. These ducks may grow livers as much as eight times the healthy size and can develop a painful liver condition called hepatic lipidosis, which is associated with diarrhea, seizure and death.

Stephen Wells, executive director of the ALDF, stated in a press release that consumers shouldn't be misled about the production of foie gras:

“It is also important for these force-fed ducks that Hudson Valley Foie Gras is no longer promoting its cruel practices as ‘humane’ to unsuspecting consumers.”

Wells also said the false advertising on foie gras unfairly encouraged consumers to choose Hudson Valley's product instead of truly cruelty-free vegan products, like The Regal Vegan's "Faux Gras."