Five "Ps" For When The Money Is Gone: (Some Not So Green, Like Drive-By Poaching)


Image credit:Volksbloggin, VW Rabbit trapped in parking garage

When money is tight, people will naturally tend to:- 1.) Purchase less "stuff"; 2.) Postpone repairs; 3.) Prepare meals from scratch; 4.) Play more music (TeeVee ads too depressing); and 5.) Poach .

W-a-i-t a m-i-n-u-t-e. Poaching? Yes, poaching. It happened a lot in the US during the Great Depression. (Blackbird "depression pie" is no joke.) Rural folk commonly venture some extracurricular deer smashing and rabbit snaring when the layoffs hit (we spared you the gruesome trapped rabbit photo): something the wardens might look the other way about if they know a family has come on hard times.

Commercial poaching by organized city-based gangs is another game entirely. Way beyond un-TreeHugger. That's exactly what's happening in the UK. Read on for more.Drive-By Poaching Hits The UK
Hard-times poaching is typically limited to local harvest for home consumption. In the UK, however, it is alleged, there's a black market in country critters being poached by urban gangs and sold to city folk.

Police in rural areas across Britain are reporting a dramatic increase in poaching, as the rise in food prices and the reality of recession increases the temptation to deal in stolen venison, salmon, or rarer meat and fish.

Organized and sometimes armed gangs of poachers are accused of behaving dangerously, intimidating residents, causing damage to crops or to gates and fences.

Via:The Independent, Game beware: it's the return of the poacher

These days there might be a UK locavore movement to blame...we wrote about the ascendant popularity of squirrel eating in the UK, for example (see link below) ...but more likely it's a combination of meth-heads and people seeking cheaper food that are behind it.

With modern rifle ammo costing upwards of US $2.00 per round, it's hard to envision this UK poaching outbreak caused by starving masses of armed urbanites, pounding away at wild deer and the accidental cow or sheep.

Large scale poaching calls for large scale butchering:something that would draw attention unless hidden - especially with deer. Pros are likely to blame, therefore. But even professional poachers operating at commercial scale are going to inflict collateral damage: cats in snares and bullets in houses, for example. Nasty stuff, this.

Better to stick to the 4 "Ps."

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