Five Million Dollars for Five Millimeters of Plastic

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Image: The Coca-cola Company

Everyone knows Coca-cola company is huge, and getting huger. Growth plans in the 2008 Annual Report include statistics estimating 800 million population growth and over a billion people joining the "coke-buying classes" as incomes expand. The chart above shows that US Americans drink more than a coke per day on average. Of course, more than half of the "coke" is water; less than half is Coke's cornerstone "sparkling beverages".

Romania won the coke-guzzling startups race, going from 0 coke products per year in 1988 to 223 cokes per year, putting them just behind Canada in the global rankings. But the stat that caught our eye as we followed up a tip from some guy proud of his prose was five million dollars. For five millimeters (less than a quarter inch) of plastic.That is how much money Coke saves every year simply by trimming 5mm off the diameter of Powerade, Fuze and VitaminWater bottles caps. Now just imagine how much PET waste that company's single-consumption containers create if there is that much to be saved by simply reducing the cap size.


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Authors note: this article contains editorial corrections: per day was changed to per year.

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