FishPhone: Get Your Sustainable Seafood Report On the Go


So let's say you're out for a night on the town, getting ready to order dinner, but aren't sure if you should eat the shrimp or not. You check your wallet, but the handy Monterey Bay Acquarium Seafood Watch isn't there; oh no! What to do? Now you don't have to worry, as the guide is available as a text-messaging service aptly named FishPhone.

Just text 30644 on your cell phone with the message "FISH" and the fish you want to know about; a matter of seconds later, you'll have an answer about the relative sustainability of your potential meal. If mobile web-browsing is more your game, FishPhone has you covered, as does the Monterey Bay Acquarium. Now you just have to figure out how much fish it's okay to eat. ::FishPhone and ::Monterey Bay Acquarium Mobile Seafood Guide via ::Gristmill

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