FishChoice: Sustainable Seafood for All

FishChoice sustainable seafood image

Image credit: FishChoice
Fishphone's text message guide to sustainable seafood already caught Collin's eye for its convenience and utility, and our visual guide to sustainable seafood also caused a stir. But it's all very well telling folks what fish to eat - what are those folks to do if restaurants and retailers don't stock the right fish in the first place? (Go vegetarian, of course - but you get my point.) A collaboration between six leading ocean conservation organizations is aiming to fix that - launching a major new tool to make it easy for restaurants and retailers alike to serve up seafood with a cleaner conscience. A growing number of retailers are already stocking greener fish options - from Wal-Mart's commitment to 100% sustainable seafood through to sustainable seafood specialists like CleanFish. But FishChoice, which launched this week, aims to provide chefs, and retail buyers everywhere with a powerful, free tool to quickly locate sustainable seafood suppliers that meet the stringent requirements of the six leading seafood conservation organizations - - Marine Stewardship Council, The Monterey Bay Aquarium's Seafood Watch Program, Blue Ocean Institute, New England Aquarium, FishWise and SeaChoice.

The site currently carries information on over 300 different products from 130 suppliers, offering sustainable versions of a variety of different species including shrimp, tuna, salmon, pollock, and tilapia - the top five most consumed types of seafood in America - including supplier name, contact information, product forms, catch methods, gear or farm type and delivery information.

Excuses for stocking unsustainable seafood are running out fast.

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