Fish N' Kids?

Well that’s a twist I’ve yet to see on a school lunch menu, but the Marine Stewardship Council is taking their whole new program quite seriously in tackling the Treehuggin’ task of working with schools in the United Kingdom to see to it that the fish kids get to eat at lunch is sustainably harvested. By teaming up with school meal providers and caterers, schools can now source sustainable seafood and proudly display the MSC eco-label on their lunch menus to show they’re doing their part to ensure a sustainable planet.

In conjunction with the program, the MSC is also providing fun and games online for kids, and classroom materials for educators that help teach kids about the fishing industry and why sustainable fisheries are a must for our future. Ultimately, kids are not only educated about sustainable fisheries while enjoying a healthy and sustainable lunch, but also take home the message to their parents that searching for the MSC eco-label the next time they go food shopping together is the best way to preserve the tradition for generations to come.

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