Fish Free Fridays Add New Option to Greening Meal Plans

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Images via Plastiki

We've heard of Meatless Monday. We've heard of Weekday Vegetarian. But there's a new one to add on to the calendar -- Fish Free Friday. A project of the Plastiki gang, the new non-menu item brings awareness to our bad habit of overfishing as well as which species are under particular strain. But rather than a dreary list that just repeats the Monterey Bay Aquarium listings, Fish Free Friday brings some funky artwork to their educational materials.

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Each image introduces a fish and some fun facts including where it is from, how it is caught, and why you want to avoid it.

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Plastiki has a fish of the week, and each week's new fish teaches readers something more about what we're doing to the oceans, and why we want to be critical about any seafood we add to our menus.

The compelling, fun artwork is perfect for kids.

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Adding Fish Free Fridays to your Meatless Monday -- or even better, your Weekday Vegetarian -- meal plan is a great way to reduce the strain on fisheries that are already on the brink.

And when it comes to educating friends, they'll probably enjoy the fun artwork as they absorb the information, rather than roll their eyes about yet another lecture about food. Great solution to a ocean-sized problem.

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