Fish Advocate Given The Boot At Sushi Restaurant Over Bluefin


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There's rising awareness about the hard place that the mighty bluefin tuna are in, but some people just haven't gotten the message. Take Sinju Restaurant, in Portland's Pearl District, which still has bluefin on the menu even though many environmental groups, including EDF and Seafood Watch, say to leave it off because the bluefin is on the edge of endangerment. When an Oregon enviro called Sinju out, he got banned from the joint. According to Slashfood, Guido Rahr, president of the Wild Salmon Center in Portland, was having lunch at Sinju when he spotted bluefin on the menu. Rahr wrote to a Mike Chen of Sinju, saying:

"I have been a regular customer of Sinju for years and the Wild Salmon Center has given Sinju quite a bit of business. So when I saw Atlantic Bluefin tuna on the menu, I felt it was important for Sinju to know that this is not just another declining species, but perhaps the most high profile endangered fish species on earth."

Apparently, Portland has sustainable seafood restaurants and, of course, a green ethos that visitors quickly pick up on. Local sushi spot Bamboo Sushi's Kristofor Lofgren said he was surprised at the behavior of Sinju.

"When you're the head of an environmental organization devoted to the preservation of one of the most important species economically and culturally to the Northwest, and you eat at a place that doesn't serve wild salmon, that was surprising to me. I'm surprised that Ecotrust, or any members of Ecotrust, would support or align themselves with any organization that doesn't directly support their initiative and mission back."

Atlantic bluefin has been under assault due to the growing popularity of sushi. These giants of the sea are magnificant athletes and worth thousands. They've been overfished and now pirates and people hunting for juveniles put bluefin in even more danger.

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