First Platinum LEED Grocery Store Opens in Maine

Hannaford Supermarket Augusta Maine Energy Efficient Refurbished Building Photo

Image via: Hannaford Supermarket
Hannaford Supermarket, which first opened in 1883, and is known for their Guiding Stars program, is now the first supermarket in the US to be Platinum LEED certified. They also use about half of the energy of a normal supermarket thanks to the help of their rooftop solar array, the largest in Maine.The building itself was "created" out of an existing, abandoned high school and Hannaford was able to recycle and reuse a large part of the building. Then at least 99% of the construction debris and garbage was recycled. On the rooftop, they incorporated a green roof. Water usage was reduced by 38% by installing waterless urinals, and ice-free display cases in the seafood department.

To save money and save resources, several energy efficiency measures were installed allowing this location to use half the energy of a normal supermarket. A few (seemingly obvious) changes, like adding doors on all fridge and freezer displays saves about 1/3 of the energy as compared with containers without doors. Plus, it means people can walk down the aisles without freezing while they shop. (Which also helps for heating and cooling the building if temperature disparities between sections are not as great).

While walking through a grocery store, you're probably thinking about fresh food, healthy produce and doing your body right. On the other hand, maybe you're thinking about deep-fried delicacies. Either way, you're definitely not thinking about breathing in toxic fumes from offgassing paints that cover the walls, which is why Hannaford used low-VOC paint throughout the store so the shopping experience is healthier on the customer. In addition, a "fresh air exchange and clean ventilation system" was installed to further make the shopping experience healthier for workers and customers.

The Augusta, Maine location will open July 25 and, besides serving up food, will serve as a testing lab for both products and projects that will be implemented in the other Hannaford Stores. Hannaford Supermarkets also include and label fair trade items in the store, as well as highlight healthier food choices with their Guiding Stars program, making it easier for customers to make healthy choices. Hannaford Supermarkets are located along the east coast in the US. :Hannaford
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