First Organic Fast Food Chain Opens in Germany

Nat. opens first store in planned organic fast food chain in Hamburg, Germany photo

Organic. Regional. Seasonal. Fast. Fine. Nat.

Yep, Nat.. We really don't understand the period, but we get the concept. "Nat." is the name of an organic fast food restaurant which has opened in Hamburg as the first of a planned chain of fast-food locales to be run by both the parent company and under franchise. The menu starts with soups and salads, for a strong vegetarian or vegan basis. Entree offers include burgers -- either beef, lamb or vegetarian; grilled chicken, steak or fish plates; and a selection of seasonal hot casserole or pasta dishes. Your conscience will wince at turning down the fruit salad in favor of the chili-chocolate cake. Could it compromise on a sweet waffle with berries? A kids' menu suits the younger pallet and keeps the family pocketbook in order.Organic, Sustainable, Fair and Responsible
The menu is designed quarterly to emphasize regionally produced ingredients, all of which a certified organic. Where imports are used to spice up the menu, Nat. is committed to many products that are Fair Trade.

Growth Strategy for Organic Fast Food at Nat.
Nat. is striving to open several more locations in Hamburg before the end of the year, and to have at least five outlets in each of Germany's major cities: Hamburg, Munich, Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin and in the industrial belt known as the Ruhrgebiet. The five-year-plan at Nat. envisions 16 company stores and 34 franchise locations. Expansion outside of Germany, into England, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Austria will meet the foreseen demand for wholesome, planet- and human-healthy meals.

Fast-food and to-go are booming in Germany. The organic trend which grows worldwide strengthens the core following which organic foods have long enjoyed there. So Nat. is a natural to be successful.

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