Finding a Place to Make Happy Meat


That is what Vanessa at Greenasathistle calls sustainably grown and butchered meat as promoted by the Meatrix people at the Sustainable table. If you are not going to go vegetarian, the next best thing is to at least get your meat from contented cows. Industrialized meat production is a disaster, but there are farmers out there raising animals without hormones or cruelty.

Yet we learn from NPR that "large-scale agriculture has nearly eliminated small slaughterhouses from many states. That's a problem for the farmers trying to fill the growing demand for naturally raised, local meat products, especially in New England. Small farmers must often drive for hours to get their animals to slaughter." It is also a big deal for the local food movement- you do not want to be eating a burger that has travelled halfway across the country. Listen to ::NPR

UPDATE: the take on meat from the 100 mile diet people coincidentally published today.