Final Report on Bisphenol A: It May Harm Kids

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The chemical industry and skeptics jumped for joy and accused us of being scare-mongers a few weeks ago when the FDA said that BPA (Bisphenol A) was safe for babies, but now the final report from the Department of Health and Human Services' National Toxicology Program begs to differ.

"The possibility that BPA may affect human development cannot be dismissed,'' said John Bucher, associate director of the toxicology group, in a statement in Bloomberg. "We see developmental changes occurring in some animal studies at BPA exposure levels similar to those experienced by humans.''

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The NTP uses a five level scale of concern, from negligible through minimal, some, concern, and serious concern. So it was perhaps an over-reaction to suggest that every adult throw away their Nalgene bottles, but it certainly isn't to suggest that we keep the stuff from babies.

The Environmental Working Group puts it more strongly:

"'Unlike the FDA, NTP has listened to the nation's premier scientists and has concluded that the BPA threat to the brains, bodies and behavior of our children must be taken seriously,' EWG Executive Director Richard Wiles. "The agency's stance is measured -- and courageous in the face of the slick, relentless publiity campaign from the chemical industry, which seems to be following the tobacco industry¹s playbook.'

'The FDA has no credibility when it comes to BPA safety. This is yet more confirmation that the FDA is in the pocket of industry. FDA ignored the nation's top public health scientists praising a toxic, hormone disruptor found in virtually every infant in America,' added Wiles. 'Now that wrong has been righted.'"

The environment is full of endocrine disruptors, and we keep looking at them separately, with some concern here and minimal concern there, and in the meantime feed our kids formula from BPA-lined cans and brush their teeth with Triclosan toothpaste. Perhaps it is time to have "some concern" about all this stuff in their bodies.

Big PDF of NTP report here.
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