Fetzer Organic Wine

Yeh, I know, a little late for the festive season. But an occasional tipple of red is supposed to be good for you anytime. As far back as 1985 Fetzer have been dabbling in organic agriculture. Today they are, by their own admission, "the largest grower of certified organically grown grapes on the North Coast [USA] and one of the largest in the world." They believe they are the first and only winery to be purchasing 100% Green Power, and juice their admin building to 75% of its electrical needs with their own solar panels. Indeed, as of five years ago, Fetzer's "electricity-generated GHG impacts were reduced to zero" and in the past 15 years their solid waste to landfill has been reduced by 94%. Outgoing bottles contain 40% post consumer recycled content with cardboard transport boxes being 100% post consumer paper waste. Stems and seeds are composted for use as a natural fertilizer. And the list goes on ... see this PDF for more. One imagines that a company that take this much care ensuring their product is benign, also wants it to taste great. And they seem to have won as many awards for the wine itself, as for their enlightened farming practices. ::Fetzer Wine