FDA Re BPA: " La La La La I Can't Hear You"

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The Food and Drug Administration held a scientific hearing to discuss its position on Bisphenol A yesterday, and what they said was, frankly, confusing. AP reports that the FDA continues to defend its position- with caveats.

Laura Tarantino, head of the FDA's office of food additive safety, said "A margin of safety exists that is adequate to protect consumers, including infants and children, at the current levels of exposure."

"Right now, our tentative conclusion is that it's safe, so we're not recommending any change in habits," said Tarantino, But she acknowledged, "there are a number of things people can do to lower their exposure."- and then she immediately recommends a change in habits.

For example, consumers can avoid plastic containers imprinted with the recycling number '7,' as many of those contain BPA. Or, said Tarantino, they can avoid warming food in such containers, as heat helps to release the chemical.

So now the FDA is giving advice on avoiding something that they say is safe. ::Associated Press and ::New York Times
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