FDA Brings Clarity to Food Recalls: But Are We Any Safer?

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Food recalls have become a part of our lives. It seems every other day a recall makes us stop in our tracks and see if we happened to purchase the current contaminated food item. But according to Food Politics, the FDA is trying to bring transparency to the food recalling system. But are we any safer?The FDA has introduced a new system to bring clarity to the food recalling system. The new Web site, according to Food Politics, is a part of the new food safety bill passed in January.

Easy New FDA Recall Site
The new site makes it much easier to follow the foods that are currently recalled with an easy-to-follow graph separated into product name, product description, reason for recall, brand name, and any related info. You can check on foods, drugs, animal health, medical devices, etc. This is good news considering that following recalls is becoming more and more important as scary new recalls threaten our nation's health.

Just last week, according to a story from CBS Los Angeles, a salmonella strain that caused the recall of nearly 55,000 pounds of frozen raw turkey burgers was deemed drug resistant. The strain is resisting treatments from several antibiotics including ampicillin, amoxicillin/clavulanate, cephalothin, and tetracycline.

Is Eating Locally the Answer?
Another way to avoid being the victim of contaminated foods is to eat locally as much as possible. According to Idaho farmer Debi Vogel, even though small chicken flocks can get salmonella, small producers are better poised to respond to a crisis because they distribute a few dozen eggs rather than millions, giving consumers a greater sense of security about the food they buy from small farms.

Recalls encourage us to know more about our food and the farmers that produce it. Additionally, the unhealthy confinement of animals allow for the contamination of livestock at such a rapid rate. And drug resistant outbreaks should make us take a long hard look at the extreme overuse of antibiotics in our nation's livestock.

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