Fast Food Trash: How to Reduce Your Waste (Video)

The Enviromentals take on fast food trash photo

The Enviromentals Take on Fast Food Waste
On Friday I wrote about a very funny, and very useful, video about how to build your own worm composter, which was brought to us by The Enviromentals - aka Hal Brindley and Leigh Ramsdell of Dodo Films. Now the fearless duo have been joined by their friend Mike for a rather disgusting yet strangely entertaining mission - eating fast food for an entire weekend, in a quest to find out how we can reduce our fast food trash. The result is a kind of a mini Super Size Me (if that's not a contradiction in terms). And they found out that a little awareness can go a long way, even in fast food hell...Of course the pedants among us might argue that the best way to reduce fast food trash would be, well, to not eat as much fast food. But given that fast food consumption, particularly in the US, is at outrageous levels, the Enviromentals quest may be a wise one. If Hal, Leigh and Mike can help spread a consciousness about the extraordinary and often completely unnecessary waste that accompanies almost every fast food meal, they will have done the planet - if not their waste lines - a huge favor.

And let's not forget that the Dogwood Alliance has shown some compelling links between fast food trash and unsustainable forestry. For those who can't view the video, here are a few tips 'to go' on reducing your fast food trash:

- Leave the lid and the straw: you don't need one at home, why do you need it in the restaurant?
- Bring your own bottle: it saves trash, and can even save you money if you don't buy a drink.
- Share your trays: who needs those stupid tray liners anyway?
- Carry a reusable napkin: or you can always use your hand.
- Learn to ask for less: it takes a bit of harrassing, but ask your server to forego items you don't need.

Now the more hardcore greenies out there are almost certainly wondering what the heck a fast food restaurant is anyway - but even many of us who eat green and healthy on a daily basis end up in a Subway, Taco Bell or whatever from time to time (ever tried finding an organic cafe on I-40?). And anything we can do to reduce the mountains of trash that these places churn out can only be a good thing.

The Enviromentals (Episode 2) How to Reduce Your Fast Food Trash from Hal Brindley on Vimeo.

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