Fast Food: It Is Worse Than You Know


Next Generation Food
graphically displays what TreeHugger readers probably already know: that fast food has too much fat, too much salt, and too many calories. They call it a "silent assassin."

In Canada, a new study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal (pdf here) is charging that lives are at risk because we eat too much sodium, mostly from processed foods. According to the Globe and Mail, U.S. study has found that reducing that country's sodium intake to the recommended amount could lower health-care costs by as much as $18-billion (U.S.) a year.


Next Generation's designers should read a bit of Edward Tufte; these graphs are almost impossible to read. I think that item breaking through the daily recommended salt content is from Pizza Hut, but even after twenty years of looking at colour chips I am not certain about the shade of brown.

But the message comes through: a lot of fast foods come very close to the daily recommended allowances in a single meal, and 25% of Americans eat a fast food meal every day. More in Next Generation Food, via Lifehacker