FarmPlate Creates Nation's Largest Sustainable, Ethical Foods Directory Online

FarmPlate photoFarmPlate/Screen capture

Imagine being able to tailor Google to search specifically for sustainable food suppliers or restaurants and socially-minded companies in your area. That's pretty much what a new online marketplace,, does. It features a searchable directory of more than 40,000 business listings across the country, and you can search by category and by location to find just the sustainable food or drink you're looking for.

FarmPlate aims to help consumers access the businesses they already want to support, but may not know exist—while helping small businesses find greater success by increasing their online presence.

It's a new project, so you may find businesses missing that should be in there. But it's growing and as it does, has increasing potential to connect businesses with the consumers they need, and consumers with the businesses they want to support.

FarmPlate explains more:

Users can source products and discover new sustainable food businesses, as well as rate and review their favorite food and farm enterprises. The website promotes businesses that produce, sell, serve or support local, organic, seasonal, artisanal, ethical, fair trade, family farmed and handcrafted foods.

The site is specifically designed to help food enterprises efficiently and cost-effectively market themselves to a highly targeted group of potential customers. “FarmPlate’s mission is to help sustainable food businesses expand their markets. They are the engine of local food systems, and we are committed to contributing to their growth in any way that we can,” says Kim Werner, founder and president of

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