Farming is the Most Dangerous Industry of All?

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From the environmental and health impacts of fertilizer runoff to farming's contribution to deforestation, we already know that modern farming practices can have some major negative consequences. But there are also some more immediate problems for human health and safety. In fact, The Guardian is reporting that according to British campaigners, farming may be the most dangerous industry in the country. Graeme Walker, Head of Agriculture for the Government's Health and Safety Executive, explained that there are a number of factors contributing to this mess:

"Farming is a unique industry. There are small, micro family businesses often run by single farmers, many well-past the typical retirement age of other industries. This combined with large and dangerous plant or equipment, long hours, bad weather and a deep-rooted culture of resourcefulness, which at times borders on unwise risk taking, brings together a range of factors that contribute to its poor safety record."

Campaigners and farm advocates, including the country's National Farmers' Union, are planning a major push to improve these statistics.

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