Farmigo Brings Your Local Farmer’s Market to the Web

Given our druthers, it’s likely we would all choose to shop at the farmer’s market rather than the supermarket. In terms of quality, purity, freshness, community love, supporting local farms, and lack of harsh lighting and vertigo in the cereal aisle, it’s hard to beat. But in reality, the constricted hours and specificity of the offerings make it not that feasible for everyone.

Farmigo, a company started in 2009 as an online software provider to help farms manage their CSA subscriptions, hopes to change that. The company has just launched the first online farmer’s market to connect communities directly to local farms in a kind of CSA-meets-Amazon model. A “community” needs to be created, either at a workplace, school, church, community center, etc. and then each member of the community can log on and shop from their dedicated online farmer’s market (see an example here). You select what you’d like, and orders are delivered weekly to the food community site within 48 hours of harvest.

farmigo© Nicole Phelan / Food pickup on delivery day.

For each community, Farmigo curates a wide selection from multiple local farms that offer seasonal fruit, vegetables, eggs, meats, fish, bread, cheeses and wine and coffee.

Farmigo’s experience in the CSA sector -- hundreds of farms in 25 states already use Farmigo technology and Farmigo has connected them to over 3,000 delivery sites, including Google and Twitter offices, with more than 30 million pounds of produce delivered to date to over 100,000 families – suggests that they have the connections and know-how to make such a clever scheme work seamlessly.

Farmigo founder and chief executive officer, Benzi Ronen, says:

At Farmigo, we envision a community-oriented food system in which people and farmers in the same geographic region are connected, and everyone has access to fresh-from-harvest food. The Internet has been collapsing supply chains and rewriting conventional business models for nearly two decades, but until now it has had limited impact on the food industry, which is ripe for change. There has never been a better time to disrupt the status quo and Farmigo is poised to fundamentally change the way food is purchased and distributed.

The first food communities are rolling out in San Francisco and New York with Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Chicago and Philadelphia hot on their heels. The company is now seeking individuals who want to bring Farmigo to their community.

Farmigo Brings Your Local Farmer’s Market to the Web
This new online shopping service will connect farmers directly with shoppers.

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