Farmers Markets: Great, But Still Not Perfect


This author, diligent TreeHugger that he is, has just returned from his local farmers’ market. As always, there was an abundant array of delicious and beautiful local produce on display. However, we were also struck by two things – an awful lot of cars, and a ridiculous amount of plastic bags. Don’t get us wrong, buying local food and supporting local economies is probably one of the most beneficial things you can do, but it doesn’t end there. Even when we buy local, we need to make efforts to do it in the most responsible way. That means refusing those bags and taking your own, it means biking, busing or carpooling when possible, and it means asking questions about how your food was grown. In some ways this highlights one of the biggest, but perhaps most intangible, benefits of the farmers market – communication. Because we come face-to-face with the people producing our food, and often the people organizing the market, we can form real relationships, and communicate our values to them. It’s not so easy to do that at your local big box retailer. Of course, these thoughts are probably nothing new to the dedicated TreeHugger reader, but we just had to get that off our chests. And for those wanting more guidance on greening your food shopping, check out our handy guide to greening your meals.

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