Fallen Fruit Project Turns Urban Foraging Into Community Events

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Waaaaaay back in 2005, we reported on a very cool project called Fallen Fruit -- an organization that takes advantage of the free produce found in the public property of urban areas and maps out where to find the goods. If there was an orange tree with fruit-laden branches hanging over into an alleyway, it was put on the map and anyone with a hankering for free oranges could head over and see what was available to pick in the public, and therefore legal to collect, space. Since those early beginnings, the organization has blossomed into something much, much bigger than a simple mapping project that minimizes wasted fruit on city streets. Check out some of the awesome ideas spawned by group members -- ideas you'll want to take part in.

fallen fruit jam photo

Boing Boing pointed out some of the coolest offshoot projects made by Fallen Fruit junkies, including Public Fruit Jams where citizens bring their fruit for a night of communal jam-making, Nocturnal Fruit Forages, Community Fruit Tree Plantings where new trees are placed on the edges of private property or community gardens, Public Fruit Park proposals in LA areas, Neighborhood Infusions where the fruits found in the area are infused in alcohol. This is just a handful of the many projects Fallen Fruit has formed over the years.

So why the project at all? Here's a great video from the project explaining the benefits of looking locally -- very locally -- for your produce:

Fallen Fruit is a brilliant idea for looking at how our city spaces can still provide for citizens, and bring a whole lot of people together as a community. We're excited to see how strong Fallen Fruit is after 5 years. But of course, it still comes down to mapping where public produce can be found. Check out the maps created so far, and if there isn't one near you, perhaps you want to get one started!

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