Fallen Fruit - more on gleaning

On my morning walk, I pass many backyards with oranges, lemons, grapefruits and mandarins all dropping unwanted to the ground. I also use to pass by banana trees too (yeh, I know they are not really trees, more like a grass) until the owners cut them down and tried to burn 'em out (unsuccessfully). All the while thinking "what a waste" and hoping the guys 'sleeping rough' in the area were benefiting. Now I notice over at Worldchanging a little note about Fallen Fruit. Similarly concerned, they didn't just hope, they acted. By producing maps of food producing trees accessible to public space, Fallen Fruit encourages citizens to learn about the free food sources in their local communities. What a brilliant idea. Combine this with the Green Maps concept, throw in some gleaning and you'll see sustainability in action — right where you live. ::Fallen Fruit