Faith In Nature — Staple Beauty Products.

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Shampooing my hair in the shower this morning I realised that one of my favourite eco-products is the one I use almost everyday, but until now one that we haven’t featured on TreeHugger. As thorough and as wide ranging as TH tries to be, every now and then I notice that we’ve overlooked some good staples. Faith In Nature is one of those. They have a great range of eco-friendly beauty products which are really affordable and well packaged, with cleverly designed push-pull caps to prevent wastage. Amazingly this company has been around for thirty years, now a very profitable business it grew from humble beginnings at Rona Rose’s kitchen table in rural Scotland. From the start Faith In Nature has only used natural ingredients in their products, without using paraffin oil, synthetics, artificial dyes or animal by-products. They are keenly aware of environmental issues within their products and business. They recycle or re-use all their waste, all their Polyethylene packaging is fully recyclable and all their ingredients are biodegradable. I am currently loving their Organic Aloe Vera shampoo and conditioner, but there are plenty to choose from including Ginko Bilboa, Jojoba and the amazing sounding Hemp and Meadowfoam. They also do shower gels, soaps, skin care and they have a range of household cleaning products called Clear Spring. You can order online where you’ll find some bargain special offers on certain products. :: Faith In Nature