Fair-Trade Coffee, Coming To a Dorm Near You


Image via: Flickr

Two creative Bethel College students recently opened a fair trade coffee shop in the lounge of their dorm building. The shop is so new (and so trendy) that it doesn't even have a name yet. Seth Dunn and Lisa Penner, both Fresno, CA natives, wanted a place for students to chill out, study, relax and came up with the coffee shop after visiting another campus. They chose fair trade coffee to support the local Ten Thousand Villages shop in town.Dunn and Penner provided all funding for the venture and thus far have paid off 1/3 of their investment. Currently they sell fair trade hot chocolate, coffee, tea, and toppings, as well as non-fair trade items like mochas, lattes, cappuccinos, and steamers. With students draining coffeee, and pulling all nighters like it's their job, seems like the coffee-shop can't lose. The shop is open Mon-Thurs 8pm-11pm, and Sunday 8pm-midnight. :Bethel College
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