Facebook Game Rescues Virtual Chickens, and Real Ones Too

farm rescue game image

Image credit: Farm Rescue

From unborn chicks injected with antibiotics, to the horrors of a commercial chicken hatchery, the life of a factory farmed chicken is pretty brutish from the outset. And we haven't even gotten into the potential health hazards posed by meat unfit for KFC being served to our kids. Now animal activists are hoping online Facebook gamers will help to save some virtual hens from this misery—and they intend to use that process to save some real hens too. The idea behind Farm Rescue, the game, is that players try to free chickens from battery cage confinement, and then encourage them to participate in natural behaviors like perching, nesting, dust bathing, exploring and exercising—with the ultimate goal being to nurse them back to health and find them a good home:

"The more players help their hens practice their natural behaviors, the faster the birds recover and grow their feathers back. Users will watch as the birds transform from scrawny and miserable to bright-eyed, feathered birds. Once the hens regain full health, users can adopt them to good homes and earn virtual currency to be used in the game."

The game also encourages players to take real action to help chickens - with options ranging from pledging to go completely egg free, to campaigning to get McDonalds to stop buying eggs from caged birds.

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