Extreme makeover- Genetically Modified Apples

As we discuss the merits or problems with genetically modified foods, it is appropriate to point out that traditional methods of genetic modification, as taught by Gregor Mendel, can also make lousy food. The Red Delicious apple is a good example- stunning to look at, but with the flavour and texture of fine balsa wood. "like a figure in a TV makeover show, it was an apple that its handlers could not leave alone. They altered its shape. They made it firmer and more juicy. They made it so it could be stored in hermetically sealed warehouses for 12 months. Along the way, they changed its color and hence its name -- to Red Delicious." It used to be America's favourite apple. but people have realized that looks are not everything, flavour counts. ::Washington Post via ::Marginal Revolution

Postscript: In a blind test done on CBC Radio in the 80's, Canadian radio icon Peter Gzowski and other panelists trashed Delicious and Mcintosh apples in favour of a new breed developed in Geneva, New York in the 60's called Empire Apples. we concur.

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