Expert Says: Make Healthy Fast Food Affordable


Let's face it, as much as we kvetch about them, fast-food chains and their destructive, polluting ways, aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

But although fast food retailers are providing healthier food options, Nancy Childs, professor of food marketing at Saint Joseph's University in Philadelphia, says that they aren't providing them in a cost-effective way.

Because research has demonstrated a correlation between higher rates of obesity and low-income neighborhoods, Childs wants to see an improvement in this population's access to healthful food. "When you have a $4 salad and $1 whopper, you're not making food accessible to people of particular socioeconomic circumstances," she says.

Is Childs spot on, or is this a band-aid solution or misdiagnosis? We'll let our erudite readers weigh in on this one. ::Newswise