Exercising the Mooncup — stories from active women.

This is a shout out to all you sporty, active, treehugging women out there. Mooncup wants your stories! You might remember that we posted an article about the wonder that is the Mooncup a few months back.
The Mooncup is the U.K. version of a menstrual cup. Many of you will also have heard of the Canadian Divacup and the American Keeper. For the uninitiated: the Mooncup is a medical grade silicone cup which is used at that 'time of the month' to 'stem the flow'. Not only is it amazingly simple and convenient, but it also saves you plenty of money and saves the earth from plenty of landfill. One of the best things about writing for Treehugger is......when the company you are featuring comes back to you with great enthusiasm and says they've had lots of new interest in their product thanks to the Treehugger post. This is just what happened to Mooncup who have now come back and asked for our help in finding testimonials of Mooncup users in relation to Sport and physical activities. Health and Fitness Magazine is a popular magazine in the U.K. which is soon to feature an article on the Mooncup. This is particularly good news since the magazine's high circulation will mean that news of the Mooncup will reach a wider cross section of British women. This is what their P.R. spokesperson said:
"I am really keen to contact active women who are Mooncup users for coverage in Health and Fitness magazine. It would be brilliant to hear from *cyclists*, *adventurers* and *yoga lovers* about the practicalities of Mooncup with exercise. Photos would be brilliant to make the testimonials more human, too."

So ladies anyone with a good story to tell about using the Mooncup whilst burning calories please email them to: pr(at)mooncup.co.uk. Lets spread the word! ::Mooncup
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