Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Radiation (Infographic)


Image Credit: Public Domain

You've probably already seen XKCD's radiation chart, which we shared here on TH last week. That chart did a nice job of putting the dangers of radiation in perspective, and probably helped soothe some worried souls -- at least it got people tweeting about the amount of radiation eating a banana exposes you to. Well, in case you didn't get your fill of information about how radiation impacts the human body, this infographic, designed by the folks at Geary explores that angle in greater detail: Created by Geary Interactive, a digital marketing agency

Like the cap and trade graphic before it, it's something of a monster -- click on the image to expand to full size. But it's filled with useful info, and delves more into the basics behind the different kinds of radiation and their effects on the human body.

Here's Geary explaining the design:

The following infographic is the aggregation of numerous sources that are authorities on radiation. It details the threat levels of radiation exposure from events like the Fukushima explosion down to a dental x-ray. We hope that it will dispel the magnitude of everyday threats and help increase awareness around what Japan (and the world) is facing in light of these tragic circumstances.
Anyhow, despite the apparent winding-down of the nuclear crisis in Japan, we need to get our hands on as many good sources of info as possible.

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