Everything connects: How getting rid of trans-fats kills orangutans

We read in ::Phys-org that Orangutan habitats are being destroyed by the expansion of palm plantations for the manufacture of palm oil. Being of a certain age where we watch what we eat, palm oil has been off the menu for years, as it is one of the most highly saturated of all oils and is a true heart killer. Remarkably, the recent panic over trans-fats has led to a dramatic increase in demand for palm oil, so manufacturers of potato chips can say TRANSFAT FREE! on their packaging. Moral of the story: do not just grab the transfat free chips or noodles- check the ingredients for palm oil (and almost all cheap ramen noodles, staple of students and treehuggers, are full of it) and only buy palm oil free. If you are fond of wasabi peas and other Asian delights, you will be shocked at how hard it is. ::Centre for Science in the Public Interest