Every Cow Has its Day


The Cowshed skincare line is 100 percent vegetarian, not tested on animals, and a friendly nod to the bovine. The products, made from herbs hand-picked from gardens at the Babington House hotel and spa in the U.K., have tongue-in-cheek names like Dirty Cow Hand Wash, Cow Pat Moisturizer, and Frisky Cow Body Wash. Each product is packed full of organic herbal infusions and essential oils, which ease skin irritation, stimulate circulation and ease stress, according to the company’s Web site. They also have a children’s line—Baby Cow. We like the packaging, though it is probably not recycled…and we like that this grass-chomping mammal (which more often than not has a career as hamburger) gets to go home at the end of its day in the limelight. The line is available in the U.S. and the UK. ::Cowshed