Escape From Diab, a Video Game to Prevent Childhood Obesity and Related Illnesses


We previously wrote about how design can improve life for those affected by diabetes, a life threatening disease that is responsible for almost 3 million yearly deaths worldwide, according to WHO. And the numbers are growing. WHO estimates that by 2030, 366.000.000 people will be affected by diabetes, compared to 171.000.000 in 2000.

The sci-fi action and adventure video game Escape from Diab should help prevent kids from becoming obese and developing diabetes and other related illnesses.

In the game, the player fights along Deejab and Delinda against evil King Etes to turn the city of Diab back into the Golden City. The King has gotten rid of any exercise opportunity in the city and instead is feeding the population unlimited amounts of free junk food. The only way to win the fight is by making healthy lifestyle choices, such as eating right and exercising, in order to defeat King Etes and his guards. Escape from Diab was developed by Archimage in Texas, in collaboration with the Children’s Nutrition Research Center of Houston’s Baylor College of Medicine. The video game, due to be release next year, can be played on the web, PCs, handhelds and Nintendo’s Gamecube. Escape from Diab had been nominated for the INDEX: Award as well as the 2007 Webby Award. To get a feeling of the game and meet the characters, watch the trailer. Thanks Niels J. for the tip! ::Escape from Diab

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