English Organic Ale

There's nothing like a good beer on a warm summer evening so when we found Scarecrow Organic Ale, we were willing to try it. Circle Master is the original name of the Wychwood Brewery's pale ale but it's sold in the U.S. and Canada as Scarecrow with a very cool label and a curvy bottle that holds just more than a pint. The English ale is brewed with a unique organically grown blend of Plumage Archer Barley Malt and whole leaf target hops, also naturally grown, are added to the beer for taste and character. We enjoyed the light profile and the fruity notes that made it nicely balanced. The ale was crisp and clean, and although it's not one of the best brews we tried, it is very drinkable. One thing we did notice though is that we had no idea when the import left the Oxforshire brewery, which is definitely crucial to the consumer. Luckily ours tasted okay, but if you try the Scarecrow Ale, beware of potential "skunkiness." ::Wychwood Brewery [by KD]